Trideer Yoga Bolster Pillow Meditation Pillow, Bolster Pillow for Legs for Restorative Yoga, Rectangular Yoga Bolster with Soft Velvet and Machine Washable Cover, 800g Lightweight with Handle

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Product Description

yoga bolsteryoga bolster

What benefits can our yoga bolsters provide you?

Our yoga bolsters are so versatile that they can give you a much deeper stretching sensation, make your low back pain disappear, work wonders in your Therapeutic Yoga practice. This tool is so amazing that the moment you start using it you’ll immediately regret not having bought it earlier. Let’s slow down a bit and enjoy the pure bliss of resting with a bolster pillow meditation.

yoga bolsteryoga bolster

Meditation & Relaxation

Physical comfort and relaxation is the foundation of effective meditation practice, therefore, a proper meditation prop to facilitate your physical relaxation is critical.
Practice meditation with the lightweight and portable yoga pillows for meditation anywhere, it’ll bless you with a sense of belonging no matter where you are.
Use this sleep yoga pillow for a nice noon nap, a good night’s sleep or a focused session of seated meditation. Just gently close your eyes and imagine the crystal clear water flowing through your entire body from the top of the head all the way to your feet, washing your stress, tension and any worries away. See them gone and simply be with your breath.

yoga bolsteryoga bolster

When its comes to stretching different parts of the back, solid support is the most critical element to consider in selecting a yoga bolster. While bolsters with cotton fillings are too soft to provide the support needed in yoga practice, our yoga pillows for sitting on floor ensure the support with the perfect firmness for your practice.
With its multiple layers of cotton sponge, and hard foam, together with is yoga bolster rectangular shape and smooth surface, this yoga bolster set scatters pressure more evenly for a safer practice. It stays in shape even after a long time of use.

yoga bolsteryoga bolster

Deeper Stretching

Used in chest opening, back bending, forward backing and gentle inversions like Legs Up the Wall, our Rectangular Bolster helps you deliver a relaxing yet efficient practice session. You can safely hold in a pose for a long time.
The yoga bolster pillow rectangular works wonders in correcting your posture, alleviating neck and back tension if you tend to adopt a sedentary lifestyle.
Our yoga accessories for women is also a great yoga supply tool to assist in prenatal and postnatal yoga practice, and relieve pain for pregnant ladies.

yoga bolsteryoga bolster

Restores Your Overall Wellness

The great support and comfort this meditation pillow provides makes it a wonderful companion in various yoga poses and types of practice with yoga brick and yoga props.
Enjoy the deep and full breaths in your restorative yoga and completely let go of your stress, your physical and mental wellness will soon be restored.
The following 18 poses are some example poses that can be practiced by both yoga accessories for beginners and advanced practitioners with the help of this accupressure body mat and pillow: Wide-Legged Forward Fold (Upavistha Konasana), Wide-Legged Side Bend, Seated Meditation, Extended Child’s Pose (Uttitha Balasana), Pigeon Pose, Camel Pose (Ustrasana), Lower Back Relaxation, Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana), Crocodile Pose (Makarasana), Bow Pose (Danurasana), Legs Up the Wall (to reduce edema or swelling).

yoga bolsteryoga bolster


9*6*4 inch

8 ft

9 inch


12 inch


Premium EVA Foam

Durable Polyester Material

Non-toxic & 6P free PVC

Non-toxic & 6P free PVC

Extra thick fiberglass


Yoga Beginner Set

Yoga, Pilates, Physical Therapy

Yoga, Pilates, Barre

Exercise, Yoga, Pilates

Pilates, Workout, Rehab


Safely Support

Improve flexibility

Core strengthening

Colourful your workout routine

Body Toning & Shaping

Deepen Stretch

Improve range of motion

Improve coordination & flexibility

Improve balance & flexibility

Improve balance & flexibility

Pain Relieve

Enhancing muscle recovery

Back & Spine health

Active ball chair

Promote rehab from surgery

Package Dimensions‏:‎27 x 10 x 6 inches; 1.76 Pounds
Date First Available‏:‎May 12, 2020

Sturdy & Supportive: Yoga bolster pillow with a cutting edge 9-layer structure design of organic cotton, sponge, and recycled foam, this yoga bolster provides superior support and our meditation pillow can cushion for a wide range of yoga styles and yoga poses, especially Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga; and our leg bolster can give you sweet comfort for a deeper level of meditation and relaxation.
Soft & Skin-Friendly Silk Velvet: The smooth and indulgent fabric of our bolster pillow cover is of supreme quality and bolsters has a soft drape and shimmering surface. There’s nothing like the feeling of our yoga pillows against your skin. It’s great moisture-wicking properties and hidden zipper construction creates a smooth, seamless finish, leaving your practice comfy, fluid, and safe. Simply remove the cover with ease and toss it to the washing machine and it’ll come out as good as new!
Lightweight & Portable: Only 800g — so light that you can easily change positions during transitions between poses by grasping bolster handle that provides excellent grip. Our yoga cushion has this portability sets you free to practice yoga at home, in a yoga studio, or even during your travel! Our yoga cushions for sitting on floor size of 26.3*9.8*5.5 in is ideal for most yoga practice. For extra height, feel free to use bolster pillow yoga together with other yoga props.
Applicable in Various Yoga Styles: Used yoga bolsters in a wide variety of yoga practice — prenatal, restorative, Iyengar Yoga classes, etc, yoga bolster for restorative yoga can help you reach a deeper state of meditation and relaxation, our bolster yoga can release your tension, our yoga bolster set can improve your sleep quality and our yoga meditation pillow can ease your pain.
Extremely Versatile: Place this yoga pillow under your knees to release your lower back pain ; lie on bolster pillow for legs to help extend your spine ; sit on yoga pillows for sitting on floor to elevate your height and bolster yoga pillow help you sit up nice. The list about our yoga bolsters could go on. As one of the essential yoga equipment and accessories for women & men and leg bolster, meditation pillows for sitting on floor can use together with the yoga bolster yoga accessoriess .

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Trideer Yoga Bolster Pillow Meditation Pillow, Bolster Pillow for Legs for Restorative Yoga, Rectangular Yoga Bolster with Soft Velvet and Machine Washable Cover, 800g Lightweight with Handle


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